[Scene 48 , Wellington's Victory]

The British guard brigades which completely repulsed the French last attack began to pursue the French guard. And Uxbridge sent his remaining cavalries to support them. Under hard pressure, daunted all French troops became the crowd of fugitives and were cleared away from the ridge. They could not at all put a brake on the retreat. Such a moment was not to be missed by experienced commander, Wellington raised his hat high in air as the signal for the general advance. This time was a turn which they give a coup de grace to the French.

EXTERIOR : Mont-St. Jean

As their triumph already was so clearly, Wellington and his staffs could set their mind at rest. They afforded to enjoy looking on the battlefield.

WELLINGTON : "Damn me, Uxbrigde, if I ever saw thirty thousand men run a race before. "
"The whole line will advance!"
UXBRIDGE : "In which direction? Your grace."
WELLINGTON : "Way's straight ahead, to be sure."

They smile.

EXTERIOR : South of La Belle Alliance

The French had despaired of their fate, but the battle mercilessly was continued. The two battalions of the Grenadiers, which had been placed in the reserve of the main attack, formed two squares and tried to protect retreating comrades from the enemy's pursuit. But under hard concentrated attack, they had narrowly enough resistance to maintain the formation. They, isolated, were forced to fight a hopeless bitter combat.

Gen. CAMBRONNE(*): "Stand! Firm on the right!"
(Yevgeni Samojlov)
NEY : "Form square!! Form square!!"

Many soldiers were injured and killed. Everywhere the shells exploded, blew away the bodies. There was full of gunshots and screams. The field was like hell. Nevertheless only the guard soldiers were fearlessly standing against destruction in this defeated battle. They did not fully lose the honor, although their attack had failed. It had proved they're true warriors.

EXTERIOR : Mont-St. Jean

Suddenly, a stray shell hit Uxbridge's right leg and severely wounded. He is very frustrated.(*)

UXBRIDGE : "By God, sir." "I've lost my leg."
WELLINGTON : "By God, sir, so you have."

Uxbridge staggered on horseback, is supported by Wellington. But, as officers are going to help him, he stops them and shouts.

WELLINGTON : "Get forward, all of you!"(*)

[Scene 49 , No Surrender]

EXTERIOR : Rossomme

Under the faint rays of the sun which was setting the fierce battle like a massacre was occurring. Napoleon in person calmed panic-stricken soldiers, and rallied the other battalions of guards which had scattered, and made them form into three squares. The Old-guard which was a nucleus of these forces formed line of square, tried to win even for a moment, have their Emperor escaped. Therefore they tried again to even charge to the oncoming enemies by bayonet, but were pushed back by the horde of fugitives. The Emperor was sheltering within one of the squares. They defended him and were frantically holding up the pursuit.

Injured Guard-soldier : "Don't kill me."
Guard-soldier J : "Stand! By the flag!"
CAMBRONNE : "Stand! Stand!
BERTRAND : "Sire! Sire! You must get out! You must escape!"
NAPOLEON : "If I die, it will be here, in the field, with my men!"
LEBEDOYERE : "Sire! Please, Sire."
BERTRAND : "The enemy must not touch you, France must not lose you, Sire."
SOULT : "Sire, the battle is lost!"
Guard-Officer : "We die, save the eagle."
NAPOLEON : "Where is Grouchy!" "Where is Grouchy!"
Napoleon is carried away forcibly by staffs.
NAPOLEON : "Vive le France!!!"
LARREY : "You must stay alive, Sire."

Napoleon mounted his coach and left with his staff and escorts for Genappe. But he soon transferred to his horse, because they couldn't pass through the crowd of fugitives. He still had a little hope to pin the enemy by ex-Girard's Division. He was thinking this distant reserve has been moving from Ligny to a rallying point of near Quatre-Bras.

Behind their escaping Emperor, the Old guard continued to cover the retreat and some Young guards continued to hold on the part of Plancenoit until 9 p.m. The fighting withdrawal of the Old guard was splendid. They were showing a amazing valour and fearless devotion. 'The Guard dies but never surrenders', it was their motto.

CAMBRONNE : "Stand! Stand! And form square! Form square!"

EXTERIOR : La Belle Alliance

COLBORNE : "We're doing murder, Your grace."
WELLINGTON : "I hope to God ... I've fought my last battle."

EXTERIOR : South of Rossomme

Finally, the Old guard was surrounded by Adam's British Guards. Vivian's cavalry and horse battery formed a line at the front of them, then officers come with the flag of truce.

COLBORNE : "Brave Frenchmen! You have done all that the honour of war requires." "His Grace, the Duke of Wellington, invites you to save your lives!" "Will you agree to surrender!"(*)

Heavy silence.

All the Old-guard soldiers were exhausted, wounded, bloody. They just stood by spirit. Nevertheless they had obstinate determination, feeling a surrender is disgusting, glared at the enemy.

CAMBRONNE : "Merde!"(*)

Cambronne faced the destruction and said boldly that against the fate. Saying the word and next dying. That was a suicide, but they wanted to do that for the glory of France with all their hearts. He knocked down what want to kill them by only one word. We can say It was a victory. He made a most vulgar word a most noble word, scoffed at the enemy even after the slaughter. Le Grande Armee had vanished, the Imperial Guard lost a battle, but they gained the history. Even if they all had been killed, they'd have never yielded.

Hearing that word, Wellington frowned. And then the British answered to French reply by canister shot.

British-officer D : "Fire!"

British artillery fired a tremendous volley at close range. Roaring sound and Screaming, the field was wrapped in smoke. There was full of dead bodies.

[Scene 50 , The End of the Glorious Days]

Wellington, leaving the rest of pursuit to the Prussian, gave order that his army should halt in the line of Rossomme. Because they were too tired to continue advance. A little later, he ordered his whole army to bivouac. By the time the moon rose high the battle completely was over.
Wellington and Blucher met at La-Belle-Alliance. They embraced each other, congratulated a victory. Reputedly Blucher wished to name this battle 'La-Belle-Alliance'. But Wellington more prosaically insisted on naming it 'Waterloo'. There's two mile to rear of Mont-St.Jean, but there was the site of his main headquarters.

EXTERIOR : the Battlefield

Wellington, looking around the battlefield, went toward Waterloo. What he saw was a large amount of scattered dead body and a bloody ground. He saw long lines of persons who were killed in the battle. He found no words to say.

Wellington remembers a sound of bagpipe, but that bagpiper had died on the ground. Next he remembers a young man who were shouting 'Why' in the battlefield.

Tomlinson's voice in Wellington's mind : [ Why do we? Why! Why! Why Why! ]

WELLINGTON : [ Next to a battle lost, the saddest thing is a battle won. ](*)

EXTERIOR : Near Genappe

On the end of the battle, almost there's heaven's crying out. A thunderstorm blew off the blood-shed field.
Napoleon paused for one last backward glance toward the stricken field of Waterloo. His clothes were dripping wet.

LEBEDOYERE : "You must leave this place of dead flesh."
SOULT : "...."

Napoleon looked at him with vacant eyes. Then, suddenly, it stoped raining. He was surprised and looked up at the sky. There was a moon. He thought it's omen. He hoped to happen to something. But what was lighted by a moon was Ney. He stood still like a ghost.

NEY : [ They'll chain you .. like Prometheus to a rock .. where the memory of your own greatness will gnaw you. ](*)

Napoleon gazed at Ney. And he was disappointed, dropped his head. He was now powerless. It seemed the rain is his tear, but now even the rain stoped. He could not have any hopes, entered his coach. And he closed his eyes. All was the past.

Napoleon left for Paris, where he's forced to abdicate again. His venture failed after all. But his legend would be succeeded together with the memory of his greatest Guard. They live on history forever. The eagle flew away to a unforgettable realm.
Even today, the battle field of Waterloo still hang heavy with an extraordinary aura and intangible testimony to the historical day of 1815.

The End.