[Scene 12 , Enjoying the dance]


Duchess of RICHMOND : "Uncle Gordon paraded his whole regiments for my 'inspection' this morning."
"So I just rode up and down and also picked my fancy."
Duchess's daughter SARAH : "Moma, you chose such big ones."

Duke of WELLINGTON : "You really are the best of my generals."
Mme. RICHMOND : "We ladies just have to follow the drum."
"This season, soldiers are the fashion."
WELLINGTON : "Where would society be without my boys?"

Mme. RICHMOND : "They are the salt of the England. Arthur."
"(They are) Nothing but beggars and scoundrels." "All of them."
"Gin is the spirit of their patriotism."
Mme. RICHMOND : "Yet you expect them to die for you?"
WELLINGTON : "Uh-huh."
Mme. RICHMOND : "Out of duty?"
WELLINGTON : "Uh-huh."
Mme. RICHMOND : "I doubt if even Bonaparte could draw men to him by duty."
WELLINGTON : "Ah, Boney is not a gentleman."
Mme. RICHMOND : "Arthur, What an Englishman you are!"
WELLINGTON : "On a field of battle, his hat is worth fifty thousand men."
"But he is not gentleman."

Duke of RICHMOND : "Your Grace. ...."

: "When we get to Paris, let me look at Napoleon."
"I promise I won't get too near."
"Momma admires him."
Mme. RICHMOND : "I am a little bit of a Bonapartist."
SARAH : "Is it true, what they said, he is a monster?"
WELLINGTON : "Uh ..." "He eats laurels ..."
"and drinks blood."

Mme. RICHMOND : "And when, my dear Arthur, will you venture into his lair?"
WELLINGTON : "Hum? ..." "You know he hasn't given me any idea."
"It all depends on ..."

[Scene 13 , Crossing the Border]

NAPOLEON : "Cross the river. Tomorrow we'll dry our boots in Brussels."
NEY : "God willing, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "God? God has nothing to do with it!"

[Scene 14 , Ones who Spoil the dance]

Mme. RICHMOND : "Don't let young Hay get killed, Arthur."
WELLINGTON : "An engagement?"
Mme. RICHMOND : "I don't want Sarah to wear black before she's worn white. ..."

: "Momma! Dickie has promised to get me a cuirassier's helmet that's work-basket!"
"Without any blood on it. Momma."
Mme. RICHMOND : "And one for me young man." "with the blood."
Major Gen. PONSONBY : "Where will you stick your Frenchman? Hay."
Lord Richard HAY : "I thought, Under the right arm, sir."
SARAH : "See, momma, he has it planned."
Lt.Gen. PICTON : "When you meet a cuirassier, leap to flee."
"You are very lucky, if you bring away your life!"
"you'll Never mind his helmet."
"Boy! You'll learn the art of fighting from the French."
PICTON : "Madam, by your leave. ..."
PICTON : "I have never seen such a set of sprats."

SARAH : "General Picton doesn't live on how to walk in a ballroom."
WELLINGTON : "But he's very good rhythm of dancing with the French."
SARAH : "But one dances with them in a field. Uh-huh, Ha, Ha."

Lady A : "Who is he?"
Gentleman A : "That's Prussian-officer."
Lady A : "What does he come in for?"

Mme. RICHMOND : "That gentleman will spoil the dancing."

Major Gen. MUFFLING : "It's Napoleon, sir. He has ..."
WELLINGTON : "I'm aware, Muffling, Napoleon has crossed the border."
MUFFLING : "With all his forces, he has come between Prus-Anglo armies."
MUFFLING : "It's Charleroi."
WELLINGTON : "... Charleroi."
Mme. RICHMOND : "Do you wish me to stop the ball? Arthur."
WELLINGTON : "No, no, no, no, I want no alarm." "All officers obliged to ladies will finish the dance."
WELLINGTON : "Uxbridge, move your cavalry immediately toward Charleroi."
"Picton, your division marches at tonight."

WELLINGTON : "Charleroi. ..."

Hall : "May I go with the army? Willy."
"You can ask the Duke. He allowed ladies in Spain."
"We've had so little time together."
Col. William DELANCEY  : "But, Madeleine, a battle is no place."
Madeleine : "I'm frightened." "I may never see you again."

Generals's voices : ".. before .." ".. it's like .." ".. should be .." ".. units .." ".. there .." ".. by Namur .." ".. should come by Mons." ".. He maybe .."
WELLINGTON : "What could be simpler than Charleroi?"  "He has humbugged me. "
"In a night's march, he has made us piecemeal."
"Must consider he gained around Jemeppe at the cost of bootlaces."

WELLINGTON : "If marshal Blucher stays in Belgium, I stay too."
MUFFLING :   "On that promise, the Lord Duke, Blucher would tie his men to trees if necessary."

WELLINGTON : "There four roads here ..."
DELANCEY : "Quatre-Bras. He's bound to go for them, sir."
WELLINGTON : "If we can't hold him there, .. "
"I'll stop him here."

: "Charleroi!"
"By God, that man does war honour."

[Scene 15 , Failing the cooperation]

NAPOLEON : "A field of glory is never a pretty sight."
"Nevertheless, sixteen thousand Prussian died, that's good news sent up for Paris."

NEY : "Wellington's on the run. I caught at Quatre-Bras. He's retreating!"
NAPOLEON : "It is retreating. What are you doing here?"
NEY : "Oh, I came to make my report."
NAPOLEON : "If Wellington's retreating, What are you doing here? Why don't you follow him? Why don't you pursue him?"
NEY : "Where are my reinforcements you promised me?"
NAPOLEON : "Don't you dare to criticize me!"
"Don't you dare!"
"Don't you see Wellington's free to choose his ground? Everything I won on this campaign you lost!"

[Scene 16 , The Old-Forward]

General August GNEISENAU : "Marshal Blucher! The center is broken. I have ordered a retreat."
Marshal Gebhard BLUCHER : "Retreat!? I am seventy-two and a proud soldier."
BLUCHER : "This steel is my word."
"... I am too old to break it."
GNEISENAU : "If Wellington runs for the coast, none of us will get home to Berlin."
"The logical route is Namur. I do not trust the English."
"None the less, because I have served you before sir, I have ordered the retreat to Wavre."
"You may still cooperate with Wellington."
"But God help us if he does not stand."

[Scene 17 , Dividing the forces]

NAPOLEON : "Grouchy!"
"You take thirty thousand men."
"Thirty thousand men!, one third of my army."
"You take them and you pursue. You understand?"
"You pursue Blucher. You don't let them regroup. You don't let them consolidate. And above all! You don't let them re-join."

Marshal-Marquis GROUCHY : "But there're ten different ways, directions, Blucher might go, sir, Wavre, Namur, ..."
General Etienne GERARD : "Blucher is not a scatter of birds. Marshal Grouchy. We will find him on one road."
NAPOLEON : "Enough's enough!"
"Let's not have any disagreements. Any disagreements only lead to disaster. That's understood!"
"Grouchy! Gerard! You can go. .. Go, go, go."

[Scene 18 , Retreating to fight again]

Prussian A : "We will beat Napoleon next time!"
Prussian B : "Blucher will win!"
Prussian C : "Our Old-Forward!"
Prussian D : "Blucher will turn defeat into victory!"

[Scene 19 , Wellington Retreats]

WELLINGTON : "Old Blucher, damned good licking and rolled eighteen miles back. Ha, ha, ha..."
"So! We go, too."

British-Officer A : "Keep on! Turn!"
British-soldier A : "Why is it for?"
British-soldier B : "Does he lose their way to march? ...."

DELANCEY : "Well, I suppose in England they'll say we've been licked."
WELLINGTON : "Can't help that."

Pvt. Tomlinson : "It's mad. It's all madness!"
Pvt. McKevitt : "They know what they're doing."
Pvt. O'Connor : "Look! I keep to ask your ears."
"If Boney kicked the Prussian's arse, why are we doing all the running?"

WELLINGTON : "A retreating army is hardly ever in love with its commander."
DELANCEY : "Right, sir." "A few shots from the French and they'll be themselves again."

WELLINGTON : "I like the cut of your men, Gordon."
Lord GORDON : "Ha! Damn, Forward fellows with a bayonet, Wellington."
"Meat and eggs from the cradle up, and a lemon a month."

GORDON : "All from my own acres. I've bred'em myself."
"Some there could call me more than Colonel. Hey?"
WELLINGTON : "Ha, ha, ha, Indeed?"
GORDON : "G-ha, ha ..."

[Scene 20 , A Bad Position?]

NAPOLEON : "That must be the whole army."
NEY : "They're still positioning, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake."
"That's bad manners, isn't that? U-ha, ha, ha."

[Scene 21 , Wellington's insight]

PICTON : "You know it's a bad position, Wellignton." "That wood behind us is unsound."
"If .. they push us back, .. it'll be like a wall."
"The whole army will be cut to pieces."
WELLINGTON : "There is no undergrowth in that wood."
"We can drive a battery of ... 9-pounds."
"A whole army can slip through it like rain through a grate."
PICTON : "It's suicidal, if you want to know."
WELLINGTON : "It may surprise you to know, Picton,"
"that I saw this ground a year ago."
"... And I've kept it in my pocket."
PICTON : "....."

[Scene 22 , Napoleon's prejudices]

NAPOLEON : "Obviously, he's no student of Caesar."
"He's positioned himself badly. He has the trees at his back."
"We'll give him no provocation."
"Maybe he'll leave tonight."

[Scene 23 , Pig in a Pack]

Pvt.O'Connor : "Come on, come on!"
"You're nosing your way right into the pot! .. Ah, there you are!"
Little Pig : "Wee-Wee-Wee!"
Pvt.O'Connor : "Hush! Look! Keep quiet and I'll only eat half of you."
Little Pig : "Wee!"

: "Forgive me, sir, but ..."
"If you took the troops into ... confidence, they'd know what they were about."
WELLINGTON : "Hum ..." "If I thought my hair knew what my brain was thinking, I'd shave it off and wear a wig."

British-Soldier C : "Here comes old Atty." "Get to your feet."

DELANCEY : "Your old friends, sir."
WELLINGTON : "Ah, The Enniskillen."
"I hang and flog more of them than I do the rest of the army to put together."
DELANCEY : "Good evening."
WELLINGTON : "Good evening!"
Pvt.O'Connor : ".. That's a fine night, sir."

WELLINGTON : "Aaa.. Take off your pack, sir."
Pvt.O'Connor : "Me, sir?"
WELLINGTON : "You, sir."
Pvt.O'Connor : "... yeah ..."
WELLINGTON : "Open it, sir."
Pvt.O'Connor : "..ye, ye Yes, sir." ".. oh, .. Ha ..."
Little Pig : "Wee-Wee!"
Pvt.O'Connor : "Ha, ha, God!, ha, ha...."
".. an ... Jesus."
"a.. I, I knew something queer was scratching me, back .., sir."
Little Pig : "Wee!"
WELLINGTON : ".. Ah." "Ha, ha, ha." "Where did you acquire this, a plunder?, sir."
Pvt.O'Connor : "This?, sir"
WELLINGTON : "That, sir."
Pvt.O'Connor : "Ah, ah, no, no, sir."
"This, ah, this plunder acquired me, .. sir."
Little Pig : "Wee!"
WELLINGTON : "Hum ..." "You know the penalty for plundering, sir."
Pvt.O'Connor : "... a, ah .." "Stoppage of gin, sir."
WELLINGTON : "Damn you, sir. It's death!"
Pvt.O'Connor : "Sir." "I have to report!"
"This, this little pig has lost its way,"
"and, and I'm trying to find her relations, sir."
WELLINGTON : "Uh-huh." "......"

WELLINGTON : "This follower knows how to defend a hopeless position."
"Ah .. Raise him to corporal!"
British-NCO : "Yes, sir."
British-Soldier D : "Negate the goat next time, Paddy, and you'll be a Sergeant!"

WELLINGTON : "I don't know what they'll do to the enemy. By God! They frighten me."

WELLINGTON : "Ah, Dirty night!"
"Hard morrow."

WELLINGTON : "Delancy."
DELANCEY : "Yes, sir."
WELLINGTON : "If I fail ... tomorrow, God,"
"I hope, have mercy on me. ... For nobody else will."

[Scene 24 , Both Commanders]

NAPOLEON : [ Why is he standing there? What is his reason? ]
[ Has he lost his caution? There must be something I don't understand. ]

: [ If only Blucher could outrun Grouchy, give me the help of even one corps! ]
"The Prussian. All depends on the Prussian."

: "Why does Grouchy do only six miles a day?" "I do ten!"

: "The muddy slope will help us. They'll slither up to it."
"But the road could slow Blucher, and .. that'll be the end of it."

: "Well, tell him the roads are the same for everyone."
NAPOLEON : "True."
SOULT : "Yes, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "Then you tell him to walk faster."

: "You may fight your battle, Field-Marshal. You may fight a battle."
WELLINGTON : "Where is Grouchy?, and thirty-thousand men."
MUFFLING : "Grouchy is following us step by step."
"He is not between us."  

WELLINGTON : "What's the time, Hay?"
HAY : "I think it's after two, Your Grace."
DELANCEY : "It's ten to two, sir."
WELLINGTON : "Muffling, I must ... ask you ..."
"to go out once more tonight."
MUFFLING : "Oblige me with a fresh hourse, sir."
"Marshal Blucher .. to come to Waterloo by one o'clock."
PICTON : "Don't you see? Uxbridge."
"Now if, if Grouchy turns and comes between us."
Lt.Gen. UXBRIDGE : ".. and catches the Prussians strung out on the march."
PICTON : "Then it would be just a matter of counting our dead."
UXBRIDGE : "With such a risk, dare we rely on Blucher?"
WELLINGTON : "We have to rely on each other, Uxbridge."

WELLINGTON : "Gentlemen."  

WELLINGTON : "Who did you give your watch to, Hay?"
HAY : "Somerset, sir."
WELLINGTON : "Expecting to die tomorrow?"  ".. I don't like those thoughts."
"Having them sometimes makes them come true."

WELLINGTON : "Get your watch back."
"Tomorrow I'll ask you the time every five minutes."

: "Sire. Shall I send for doctor Larrey?"
NAPOLEON : "......"
NEY : "Should I call the doctor?"

NAPOLEON : "... ha. .. No, no, no."
"No doctor."

NAPOLEON : "What are you looking at?"

NAPOLEON : "..... Get out. .."
"Out, out, out, out."
"Everyone out."

: [ I mustn't be sick. I mustn't be sick. ]
[ I must have strength for tomorrow. ]

NAPOLEON : [ My body is dying,  .. yet my brain is still good. ]

NAPOLEON : [ Will it never stop raining? ]  

[Scene 25 , The sun of the Waterloo]

British-Soldier E : "We're hundred fourty thousand men."
British-Soldier F : "We're not the half of it."
British-Soldier E : "That's counting the French as well."
British-Soldier F : "Hundred fourty thousand men. Fourty thousand men will be dead."
British-Soldier E : "Eat your soup! while you've got your belly."

British-Soldier G : "Did you see? We got our new Corporal."
British-Soldier H : "Morning, Corporal!"
British-Soldier I : "Ah! He doesn't talk to the likes of us, you and me."  

British-Soldier J : "Did you have bacon for breakfast?"

Capt. MERCER : "Morning, Ramsay!"
Capt. RAMSAY : "Morning, Cap. Filthy night, wasn't it?"

[Scene 26 , For Whom the Bell Tolls]

NAPOLEON : "Morning, gentlemen!"
Generals : "Good morning, Sire."

: "This one."
Generals : "....."
NAPOLEON : "What are you all staring at?"
NEY : "You are all right, Sire?"
NAPOLEON : "That was last night."
NAPOLEON : "(I've) Never felt better in my life. Come, we eat."

NAPOLEON : "I'm afraid this afternoon you'll need bigger napkins."
NAPOLEON : "We attack at nine. What's the condition of ground?"
SOULT : "It'll not dry before noon, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "....."
NEY : "Well, we've fought in mud within boots before."
NAPOLEON : "That's true. That's true."

NAPOLEON : "What's that?"
LABEDOYERE : "Sunday morning. The priest in Plancenoit won't give up his mass."
NAPOLEON : "....."
"Well, he won't have much of a congregation."

[Scene 27 , No Attacking before Noon]

NAPOLEON : "I'm not asleep, Drouot."
DROUOT : "Sire, we need four hours. The ground is too soft, I cannot move my cannon."
NAPOLEON : "By waiting four hours, I would have lost the battle of Austerlitz."
NEY : "Wellington won't hold us an hour."
"None of that'll weight us, he's English, Brunswickers, Belgians, and the other else."
DROUOT : "Sire." "I cannot answer for my cannon."
NAPOLEON : "You are the cannon, Drouot."
DROUOT : "If we could attack at twelve, it would be better."
NAPOLEON : "Battles are lost and won in a quarter of an hour."
DROUOT : "If Wellington were on the move, then I would say 'go now'."
"But he is sitting, Sire, with the mud in his favour."
NAPOLEON : "? " "In his favour?"

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