[Scene 28 , Dramatic Fellows]

French soldiers : "Vive L'Emperor!"

: "Sir."
WELLINGTON : "Ah, Uxbridge."
UXBRIDGE : "As I am a second commander, in case anything should happen to you, what are your plans?"
WELLINGTON : "To beat the French."
UXBRIDGE : "!" "....."

: "Dramatic fellows, these French. ... Music and banners. ..."
"Quite beautiful."
WELLINGTON : "You're a lucky fellow, aren't you? Hay, to see such a wonder in your first battle."

French soldiers : "Vive L'Emperor!" "Vive L'Emperor!!!!!"

: "Your grace! Your grace!"
WELLINGTON : "What is it, Hay?"
HAY : "Over there! Near the road!" "His white horse!"
"The monster!"
WELLINGTON : "So there is the great thief of Europe himself."
MERCER : "Your grace, Napoleon has ridden within range. May I have your permission to try a shot?"
WELLINGTON : "! ... Certainly not!"
WELLINGTON : "Commanders of Army have something better to do than fire at each other."

British Troops sing : ".....Boney was a warrior, Oh aye, oh, Boney was a warrior, John Franzo ... Boney was a warrior, Oh aye, oh, Boney was a warrior, John Franzo! Bonney warred the Russian, Oh aye, oh,  Bonney warred the Prussian, John Franzo! Bonney warred the Russian, Oh aye, oh,  Bonney warred the Prussian, John Franzo! .... (REPEAT)"

: "Brotherly business's, isn't it  Delancy, a killing."
DELANCY : "Shall I shut them up, sir?"
WELLINGTON : "No, no, indulge it."
"Anything that wastes time this morning. indulge it."
WELLINGTON : "Normally, I don't like cheering." "But there's always a time to cut cards with the devil."
WELLINGTON : "Would you kindly announce me? Delancy."

DELANCY : "Who's the lad who leathers the French?"
Soldiers chorus : "Our Atty!"
British Soldier K : "Who's the boy with the hooky nose?"
Soldiers chorus : "Our Atty!"
British Soldier L : "Who's the boy to kick Boney's arse?"
Soldiers chorus : "Our Atty!"

WELLINGTON : "I have no need of a white horse to puff me, By God!"

British Soldier M : "Who gives salt to Marshal Soult?"
Soldiers chorus : "Our Atty!"
British Soldier N : "Who gave Johnny Francois's jaw a jolt?"
Soldiers chorus : "Our Atty!"
British Soldier O : "Who'll beat and peck Boney's bum?"
Soldiers chorus : "Our Atty!"
British Soldier P : "Who makes the "Parlez-vous" to run?"
Soldiers chorus : "Our Atty!"
British Soldier Q : "Who's the boy with the hooky nose?"
Soldiers chorus : "Our Atty!"
British Soldier R : "Who's the lad who leathers the French?"
Soldiers chorus : "Our Atty!"
British Soldier S : "Who's the boy to kick Boney's arse?"
Soldiers chorus : "Our Atty!!!!"

[Scene 29 , Might on the Right]

NAPOLEON : "Come on! Get me out! Get me out!"
NAPOLEON : [ Drouot was right. This mud may kill us. ]
[ The only enemy I fear is nature. ]

SOULT : "The battle orders, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "There're more orders here than there were for the siege of Troy."
SOULT : "Yes."

: "You can tell by the position of his guns, his might is on the right side."
"So that would be he's afraid of his right."
"All right."
"Therefore that's where we'll tease him."
"We'll have a diversionary action."
" We .. tease on a right side. Then if he weakens his center to support the right,"
"then, then I'll know the calibre of this English aristocrat."

[Scene 30 , Today's fox]

WELLINGTON : "Gentlemen."
" Today's fox."

WELLINGTON : "Clever chap, your tailor, Hay."
HAY : "'Dunmore and Lockes' in St. James, your grace."
WELLINGTON : "Remind me of that, Delancy." "I all like my men well-dressed .. for the enemy."
PICTON : "...."

[Scene 31 , "I have a son"]

NAPOLEON : ".. LeBedoyere."
LEBEDOYERE : "Yes, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "Do you have any children?"
LEBEDOYERE : "Yes, Sire. I have one son."
"Very young. Not taller than your boot."
NAPOLEON : "And a few hour with you, would you want to be here today?"
NAPOLEON : "..." "Yes? Why?"
LEBEDOYERE : "So he could see you, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "... See me?"
"... You know I have a son."
"And I'd give anything of the world to see him, ... give my heart, give my life. ... But not here."
"I wouldn't want him to witness this battle today."

: "His main strength is beyond that hill. What he shows me is only a facade."
"He is clever. Clever."

NAPOLEON : "We'll begin the attack there."
"At Hougoumont."

[Scene 32 , The Ball opens]

WELLINGTON : "Well, that opens the ball."
DELANCY : "Thirty-five minutes past eleven."

WELLINGTON :"Thank you, gentlemen. Return to your positions."
DELANCY : "Return to your positions!"

British-Officer : "Fire!"
French-Officer : "Fire!"

French-Officer A : "Battalion, We advance!"
"Companies! Forward!"
French-Officer B :

[Scene 33 , Hougoumont]


DELANCY : "He's committed Foy's division, now, sir. He intends to turn us on the right."
WELLINGTON : "What a matter seems to intend and what he does, will be as different as white-knight to black-bishop."
DELANCY : "We can quickly move the 95th down, sir."
WELLINGTON : "I do not intend to run around like a wet hen."
WELLINGTON : "There'll be plenty of time, sir."


[Scene 34 , d'Erlon's Assault]

NAPOLEON : [ He hasn't moved. He's nailed himself to his ridge. ]
[ This Englishman has two qualities that I admire.]
[Caution and, above all, courage. ]

NAPOLEON : "He hasn't moved." "Now's time, we move over the heavy artillery against Picton."

: "It seem he's swinging his weight to you, Picton."
PICTON : "I've never seen guns move so smoothly."
WELLINGTON : "He moves his cannon as likeness of a pistol."
WELLINGTON : "I doubt if Bylandt's brigade will stand."
PICTON : "Never mind." "Let'em have a taste of it."
WELLINGTON : "If they don't run first."

: "They're coming on in the same old style."
PICTON : "And so we'll have to meet them in the same old style."

PICTON : "..."
WELLINGTON : "This one's going to take careful timing."

[Scene 35 , The Gin is our Spirits]

British sergeant : "Gin up, Boys. Get it while you can."
"The French will have it out of you in a minute, anyway."

Corporal O'Connor : "Dick?"
Pvt. Tomlinson : "No, thank you."

Corporal O'Connor : "Have a soup of gin, with his Majesty's compliments."
"Remind me to thank him next time we visit the palace."
Pvt. McKevitt : "Would you say they're many after?"
Corporal O'Connor : "Look! I'm not a God. I'm man, can't see through a hill."
Pvt. McKevitt : "It's like. ... It's like the whole of bloody hell .. is coming up out of the ground."
Corporal O'Connor : "Nothing frightens me more than being next to a friend of the Almighty."
"... Jesus."

British officer : "The 27th!" "will prepare to advance!"

[Scene 36 , A Snuff]

PONSONBY : "Before we go, Uxbridge."
UXBRIDGE : "Ah, .. Ahchoo!" "Savage stuff, Ponsonby."
PONSONBY : "You don't see its like anymore. My father left us a hundred weight, done a last ounce."
"An old Jew in Alexandria had the blend."
UXBRIDGE : "Ahchoo!!" "Blend?"
PONSONBY : "My father was brutal, just killed by French. Never should have happened."
"His horse got bogged down in a poured field and the brute just gave up."
"Seven damn lancers had him like a tiger in a pit."
"Bad luck, eh, Uxbridge?"
UXBRIDGE : "Damned bad luck."
PONSONBY : "Yes, particularly bad luck. He had four hundred better horses in his stable to hurdle."


[Scene 37 , Picton Killed]

WELLINGTON : "Bylandt's brigade has broken. Plug the gap, if you please."
WELLINGTON : "Now is time for the Heavy-Cavalry, I think."
British Officer : "By all means, sir."

PICTON : "Gordon." "Get your bastards up onto the crest. I'll bring up the rest of the brigade."
GORDON : "Don't hurry yourself, Pic!"
"My lads'll hold them, aye, 'till you come."
PICTON : "Get forward! Damn you lies."
GORDON : "The 92nd will advance!"
"Glen-plaid Machree"
( Greenslade Mackenna ?)

NAPOLEON : "Has Wellington nothing to offer me but these Amazons?"

: "Fire!"

: "On! You drunken rascals!"
"You whore's melts!"
"You thieves! You garbages!"

[Scene 38 , Now, Scots-Greys]

PONSONBY : "Now! Scots-Greys!" "Now!"

: "Those men on grey horses are terrifying."
Gen. KELLERMAN : "They are the noblest cavalry in Europe, and the worst led."
NAPOLEON : "That may be. .. That may be."
"But We'll match them with our lancers."

: "We're the Hard Boys!"
"Charge for the guns!"

: "Sound the recall!"

WELLINGTON : "Stop that useless noise!"
Trumpeter : "!"
WELLINGTON : "You'll hurt yourself."

: "Back! Get back! Sound the recall!"

Scots-Greys's horseman A : "Lancers on your left!"
Scots-Greys's horseman B : "Look out on the left!"
Scots-Greys's horseman C : "Get back! Boys!"
Scots-Greys's horseman D : "We are flanked!"

:"Give these to my son! Ride on, save yourself."

[Scene 39 , Where is Grouchy?]

GERARD : "By God! Sir, the cannons are calling us. March to the sound of the guns."
"We have a third of the Army! Our duty is to ..."
GROUCHY : "Do not presume to teach me my duty, General Gerard."
"My orders from the Emperor were precise. To keep my sword in Blucher's back."
GERARD : "If you will not march to the sound of the guns, then allow me to go."
GROUCHY : "And divide my force?"
"... France would hang me."
"Maybe France would be right."

: "LeBedoyere!"
LEBEDOYERE : "Yes, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "What's moving there?"
LEBEDOYERE : "I see men marching in column. Maybe five or six thousand."
Grandmaster of the Palace,
Gen. BERTRAND  : "He's right!"
SOULT : "I see horses now."
NAPOLEON : "Horses? But whose?"
"The French or the Prussians?"

: "I think it's Grouchy's blue, sir."
UXBRIDGE : "It's what we feared, sir. Grouchy has come across."
WELLINGTON : "Damn it! It could be Prussian black."

WELLINGTON :"Hay! Your eyes're young. You tell me the color."
HAY : "I think they're ... I think they're ..."

: "Prussians."
NAPOLEON : "This's not necessary, that's not necessary. It's the Prussians."
"But as far as you and I concerned, and the army, they're on the moon."
"Is that understood?"
NEY : "Yes, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "This Wellington wages war in a new way. He fights sitting on his arse."
" Well, we'll have to move him off it."

NAPOLEON : "Where is Grouchy?"

NAPOLEON : "La-Haye-Sainte." "The one who wins the farmhouse wins the battle."
"Go on."

NAPOLEON : "Where is Grouchy?"
"I need those men! Where is Grouchy?"
"Why do I have to do everything myself?"
BERTRAND : "Sire, Sire, are you wounded?"
Imperial Surgeon-General LARREY : "As your doctor I advise you to come out the field, Sire."
"Sire, you must lie down for a hour."
NAPOLEON : "..."

NAPOLEON : "I'm all right. It's just my stomach."
"I'm all right, I'm all right."

NAPOLEON : "LeBedoyere. LeBedoyere."

[Scene 40 , The limits of glory]

NAPOLEON : "You know ... after the Austerlitz ... I said"
"I would have ... six more good years."
"And now, ... it's ten years ... and nine campaigns later."
LEBEDOYERE : "Every word."

NAPOLEON : "After I'm dead, then I'm gone, what do you think the world'd say of me? "
LEBEDOYERE : "It will say you extended the limits of glory."

NAPOLEON : "Is that all I'm going to leave my son?"
".. The limits of glory."

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