[Scene 41 , Wellington Steps back]

WELLINGTON : [ He's concentrating his cavalry. The infantry is still sitting.]
[Smoke without fire. What's he at? ]

: "A hard pounding, gentlemen!"
HAY : "Yes, sir."
WELLINGTON : "Lord Hay."
HAY : "Your grace."
WELLINGTON : "Take yourself for a run."  "(Major) General Lambert will retire a hundred paces between them and slopes."
HAY : "But, your grace."
WELLINGTON : "Do as you're told, sir!"

WELLINGTON : "General Order." "The army will retire a hundred paces."
DELANCY : "The army will retire one hundred paces!"
"The 27th! will take position behind the Gordons."

Corporal O'Connor : "Sir, it's bad policy to stay near a tree in a thunderstorm. It attracts bolts."
WELLINGTON : "I'll take your impudent advice."

[Scene 42 , Ney's Grand-Charge]

NEY : "Wellington's retreating! Wellington's retreating!"
"Milhaud! Follow me!!"
Gen. MILHAUD : "Yell, we will .. charge!!"

NEY : "Trumpeter! Sound the advance!" "Charge!!!!"

: "Lefebvre! Are you with me?"
General Lefebvre-Desnouettes : "Yes, sir!"
NEY : "Ha! Ha!!"

: "Fire!"

Col.John COLBORNE : "Withdrew to square!"
British Officer of the 13 Square : "Shoot at the horses!"
COLBORNE: "Fire at the horses!"

: "What're we doing?! What's Ney doing!"
"What's happening? Cannot I leave the field for a minute!"
"What's he doing there?!"
"How can man go forward with the cavalry without infantry support!"
"What's the matter with you?!"

: "Remember your wives, your sweethearts, your homes!"
"Think of England! Men!"
"Think of England! Think of England!!!"

Corporal O'Connor : "Come on! You're bastards!"

Pvt. Tomlinson : "Let me go!" "For God's sake, leave me alone. Can't you?"
"Why? ..."
Pvt. McKevitt : "Dick, come back."
Corporal O'Connor : "Stop him!"
Pvt. Tomlinson : "Let me go."
Corporal O'Connor : "Stop him!"
Pvt. McKevitt : "Oh Jesus, stop him, someone."
British-soldier T : "Why does Tomlinson?"
British-soldier U : "Does he go where?."

Pvt. Tomlinson : "We've never seen each other." "How can we kill one another?"
"How can we, how can we, how can we kill one another!"
"How can we! How can we! Why do we?"
"Why?" "Why? ..."

[Scene 43 , The Fall of La-Haye-Sainte]

Colonel Heymes : "Ney requests infantry, Sire."

British-officer B : "General Lambert needs reinforcement at Hougoumont!"
WELLINGTON : "I can only give General Lambert my best wishes."
WELLINGTON : "Delancy. Move that battery down towards Hougoumont."

British-officer C : "Surgeon! Over here!" "Get the Surgeon!"


French soldier A : "The farmhouse is ours!" "Long live France!"

: "Soult!"
SOULT : "Yes, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "You write a letter to Paris."
SOULT : "Yes."
NAPOLEON : "Right now, and you tell them that .."
"What's time you think it is?"
SOULT : "I think .. about six o'clock, Sire."
NAPOLEON : "Good. You tell them that .. 'at six o'clock', .."
SOULT : "Yes."
NAPOLEON : ".. 'we broke Wellington's forces', .."
SOULT : "Yes, yes, Sire."
NAPOLEON : ".. and 'we won a battle'."
"No." "Tell them that"
"'we won a war', 'we won a war'!."

: "The farmhouse has fallen, sir. We can't hold them."
WELLINGTON : "It appears, Uxbridge, .. that we're losing the battle."
"Give me night, or give me Blucher."

[Scene 44 , La Garde au Feu]

NAPOLEON : [ Wellington's beaten. He's bled to death.]
[Now! Now move the Old-Guard forward. Then, on to Brussels! ]

: "Sire, if you go any further, you will be killed."
NAPOLEON : "Where a General'd die is on the field."
LEBEDOYERE : "Sire. You must go back, please!"

: "I'm abandoning my positions on the left."
UXBRIDGE : "Sir!?"
WELLINGTON : "I want what's a main, to save us, here, here!" "Here."
"Every brigade! Every battalion! Here!"
WELLINGTON : "Put every gun to them, sir. .. Every gun."
UXBRIDGE : "Very good, sir."

GORDON : "The lads are down to five rounds a man, Wellington."
"Oh, I, they'll stand."
WELLINGTON : "If Marshal Blucher doesn't come through now, "
"they'll break every bone in my body!"
GORDON : "Good beans! Wellington."
WELLINGTON : "If there's anything in this world about which I know positively nothing, it is agriculture."
GORDON : "..."

[Scene 45 , Blucher arrives]

General MARBOT : "Sire! The Prussians are in the woods."
"Blucher is in the woods!"

NAPOLEON : "I made one mistake in my life, I should have burned Berlin."

: "Raise high the Black flags! Children!"
"No pity! No prisoners!"
"I'll shoot any man I see with pity in him."
Prussian Officer : "Onward!"

BLUCHER : "On, on, my children!"

[Scene 46 , Now's your time!]

WELLINGTON : "Now, Maitland! Now's your time!" 

Guard Soldier C : "Blucher!!!"
Guard Soldier D : "No! It's Grouchy!"
Guard Soldier E : "Blucher! Look!"
Guard Soldier F : "Never back down!"
Guard Soldier G : "Withdraw! All is lost!"
Guard Soldier H : "Run!! Save yourself!"

[Scene 47 , La Garde recule!]

NAPOLEON : "Why're all standing there like frightened children!"
"What are you afraid of!"
"You call yourselves soldiers!"
"Soult! Remember that you are General!"
"LeBedoyere! The Prussians are too late!"
"You understand? Too late! Wellington's beaten."
"Don't you understand! Wellington is beaten!"
"Where's your faith!"
"I've been in this position before at the battle of Marengo."
"I lost the battle at five o'clock, but I won it back again at seven!!"

Guard-soldier I : "Is it the Prussian!"

: "Up to them! Up to them!!! Halt!"
"Am I to fight alone?! Stand with me!"
"Are you the French!"
"Stand with me!"
"Are you the Guard!"


: "One more hour, we have them beaten!"
NEY : "Don't you know me?"
"I'm Ney! Ney, Marshal of the France!"
French Soldier B : "Sir! The Prussians are here!"

French Soldier C : "Vieille Garde has broken!"

[Scene 48 , Wellington's Victory]

WELLINGTON : "Damn me, Uxbrigde, if I ever saw thirty thousand men run a race before. "
"The whole line will advance!"
UXBRIDGE : "In which direction? Your grace."
WELLINGTON : "Way's straight ahead, to be sure."

Gen. CAMBRONNE : "Stand! Firm on the right!"
NEY : "Form square!! Form square!!"

: "By God, sir." "I've lost my leg."
WELLINGTON : "By God, sir, so you have."
WELLINGTON : "Get forward, all of you"

[Scene 49 , No Surrender]

Injured Guard-soldier : "Don't kill me."
Guard-soldier J : "Stand! By the flag!"
CAMBRONNE : "Stand! Stand!"
BERTRAND : "Sire! Sire!"
"You must get out! You must escape!"
NAPOLEON : "If I die, it will be here, in the field, with my men!"
LEBEDOYERE : "Sire! Please, Sire."
BERTRAND : "The enemy must not touch you, France must not lose you, Sire."
SOULT : "Sire, the battle is lost!"
Guard-Officer : "We die, save the eagle."
NAPOLEON : "Where is Grouchy!"
"Where is Grouchy!"
NAPOLEON : "Vive le France!!!"
LARREY : "You must stay alive, Sire."

CAMBRONNE : "Stand! Stand! And form square! Form square!"

: "We're doing murder, Your grace."
WELLINGTON : "I hope to God ... "
"I've fought my last battle."

: "Brave Frenchmen!"
"You have done all that the honour of war requires."
"His Grace, the Duke of Wellington, invites you to save your lives!"
"Will you agree to surrender!"

CAMBRONNE : "Merde!"

British-officer D : "Fire!"

[Scene 50 , The End of the Glorious Days]

Tomlinson's voice in Wellington's mind : [ Why do we? Why! Why! Why Why! ]

WELLINGTON : [ Next to a battle lost, the saddest thing is a battle won. ]

: "You must leave this place of dead flesh."
SOULT : "...."

: [ They'll chain you .. like Prometheus to a rock .. ]
[where the memory of your own greatness will gnaw you. ]

The End.